What we do

We are a Bristol-based startup producing affordable haptic feedback solutions. Our technology combines ultra-precise motion tracking with high-fidelity 3D force feedback, allowing the user to naturally move around a virtual 3D environment, and physically interact with objects within it.

We can make programs feel solid or soft, rough or smooth, heavy or light.

3D design
Our devices could empower 3D design applications, enabling the user to physically interact with the virtual model - we can make it feel solid, as if it was really there. Unlike a keyboard, mouse or graphics stylus, working directly inside the 3D environment gives you more control over your design, promoting a more efficient workflow.
Physical presence from a distance made affordable. Our devices are naturally suitable for controlling telerobotic systems, for applications including nuclear, deep sea, medical, large or micro manipulation and more
Explore realistic physical presence within simulators in which you program the rules. Use our technology to say goodbye to expensive, difficult and messy physical materials, and say hello to cheap, realistic, and engaging virtual experiences ranging from surgery simulations to dissections in science classes.

Our Team

Spyros Lavetzis
CEO & Co-Founder
Spyros is a trained engineer. He is currently completing his final year of a master's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and brings strong technical and interpersonal skills to the team.
Gareth Barnaby
CTO & Co-Founder
Gareth has spent his PhD researching Human-Computer Interaction, and has over 5 years of experience in the design and applications of haptic feedback systems. He brings the techincal knowledge that makes our devices work.
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